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Tempdrop - Freedom

Tempdrop - Freedom

Tempdrop - Freedom


You've selected the Freedom package. Freedom comes with a sensor, two armbands, and two carrying pouches along with a 12-month full-refund guarantee, 36-month manufacturer's warranty, and 12 months of Tempdrop Care, Tempdrop accidental damage coverage. 

Buyers outside the United States, please note this listed price does not include import duties, taxes, and charges. Some countries will have charges added at checkout, otherwise, it is the buyer's responsibility to check with your local customs office to check if additional costs are payable.


What's included

  • Sensor
  • Standard or large armbands
  • Carrying pouches
  • Spare battery
  • User manual​
  • Battery Replacement wand

Technical specifications

  • Sensors

    • Temperature (multichannel)
    • Tri-axis acceleration
  • Dimensions

    45 x 32 x 10.5mm
  • Weight

    7 gm
  • Size

    • Standard armband circumference: 5.2-14 in or 13-35 cm
    • Large armband circumference: 11-19.7 in or 28-50 cm
  • Battery and Power

    • Power source: 3V lithium CR2032 coin-cell battery
    • Expected battery life: 6-12 months
    • Battery replacement wand included
      Please refer to our battery replacement guide when it's time to change your battery
  • Memory

    Tempdrop's sensor holds 24 hours of data, or about 3 nights of 8 hours. We recommend syncing your Tempdrop sensor daily.
  • Environmental Requirements

    Ideal operating temperatures are 32-95°F (0-35°C). Extreme heat or cold may damage Tempdrop or its accessories. Keep Tempdrop away from sources of heat and fire. Do not expose your Tempdrop to direct sunlight for prolonged periods
  • Materials

    Tempdrop is made of medical grade plastic and stainless steel
  • Water

    Tempdrop is not a waterproof or water-resistant product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Love the ease of this thing!

I’m a mom of a super roust-at-night toddler who loves to wake me up over and over again. We still nurse and I’m on my first full cycle (from period to ovulation and so on) since my baby was born nearly 2 years ago. I have hypothyroidism and it wrecked havoc on my body. Anywhoo; I’m rambling. This has made it so much easier to track my temps.
The only thing I’m not the fondest over is the changing temps and the fact that they may not be fully accurate when you see your temp in the morning. Just yesterday my temp changed a whole .8 degrees from a day prior! So you can’t see the true temp until about 3 days later though usually it’s very close and only a couple points away rather than a full degree or anything crazy. I think my .8 jump was because I wasn’t feeling well and it was adjusting for that. Once you get past the first 30 days it will start to change but it is so worth it. It’s comfortable and doesn’t bother me at all at night and it is extremely user friendly. I wish it would sync to my fertility friend app. Hopefully it does in the future and changes old temps to match with adjusted temps.
Well worth the buy and the payments make it so much easier to afford. Love it.


Tempdrop - Freedom

In love with my Tempdrop.

So far so good. I love my tempdrop and have had no problems. I wake up many times in the middle of the night and got good temps so far.

TempDrop User For Life

This was my second TempDrop purchase after gifting my original one! I will always back TempDrop 100%. TempDrop has changed the world of FAM and made temping so easy! Always worth every penny!

Temping Game Changer

Tempdrop is amazing for temping, especially with inconsistent sleep schedules. The algorithm has steadied my temps through nights with frequent waking and restless sleep. The band is comfortable and I don’t even notice it’s there. My only complaints are the frame and the syncing button. I’ve had this for just over a month and my first frame broke already. I hope Tempdrop can made a more durable frame for the future. As far as the button, it is sometimes difficult to get it to go into syncing function. I will press down over the button, it will blink once and then nothing happens. It sometimes takes lots of pressing to get the Tempdrop to start searching for the Bluetooth connection to sync. Overall, I would recommend the Tempdrop as I don’t think other methods of temping would be reliable for me!