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Quick Start Guide

You will need: Bluetooth on, an active internet connection, and location services (GPS) on.

You do not need to pair the sensor with your phone. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open the Tempdrop app
  2. Press Tempdrop’s button for 5 seconds until it blinks green
  3. Press the logo in the app while the sensor is blinking to start syncing (you’ll see the logo spinning and a rapid blinking of the sensor)

Not syncing?

If syncing didn't initiate, make sure everything is on (GPS, BT, and Internet).

You also needed to allow the app to access your location when prompted after the app was first installed and opened. If you don’t recall doing this, please uninstall and reinstall the Tempdrop app and approve the location access.

If syncing still doesn’t work:

  • Restart the app (after removing it from your memory) and repeat steps 1-4
  • Try restarting your phone and repeat steps 1-4

If syncing still doesn't work, contact support@temp-drop.com.

Error Message

If you get the “Error occurred… try again” message after syncing, simply log out of the app and back in. That should do the trick. It is an annoying, yet easily solved bug (in 95% of cases).

If you still experience issues, please email support@temp-drop.com or PM us on Facebook.

We also advise you to join the closed Tempdrop Group on Facebook for community tips, troubleshooting Tempdrop charts, and discussions.

Samsung owners: ‘Power-Save” mode must be disabled (or you’ll see a black screen with some error message). 

Tempdrop tip #1 - Clicking Tempdrop’s button (not a long press) will reveal its state: green means that the sensor is recording data; red means it is shut off.

Tempdrop tip #2 - If some of your nights are ‘Missing,’ it may be because the sensor has shut itself off. Tempdrop needs both motion and body temperature to enter ‘record’ mode. The best practice is to wear Tempdrop a few minutes before you go to bed to warm it up a little. When you are ready to go to sleep, short-click the Tempdrop’s button to make sure it is recording, indicated by a green light. If it flashes red, press Tempdrop's button for 5 seconds to turn it on.