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Tempdrop - Confidence

Tempdrop - Confidence

Tempdrop - Confidence


You've selected the Confidence package. Confidence comes with a sensor, armband, and carrying pouch along with a 12-month full-refund guarantee, 24-month manufacturer's warranty, and eligibility to join Tempdrop Care, Tempdrop accidental damage coverage. 

Buyers outside the United States, please note this listed price does not include import duties, taxes, and charges. Some countries will have charges added at checkout, otherwise, it is the buyer's responsibility to check with your local customs office to check if additional costs are payable.



What's included

  • Sensor
  • Standard or large armbands
  • Carrying pouches
  • ​User manual​

Technical specifications

  • Sensors

    • Temperature (multichannel)
    • Tri-axis acceleration
  • Dimensions

    45 x 32 x 10.5mm
  • Weight

    7 gm
  • Size

    • Standard armband circumference: 5.2-14 in or 13-35 cm
    • Large armband circumference: 11-19.7 in or 28-50 cm
  • Battery and Power

    • Power source: 3V lithium CR2032 coin-cell battery
    • Expected battery life: 6-12 months
    • Please refer to our battery replacement guide when it's time to change your battery
  • Memory

    Tempdrop's sensor holds 24 hours of data, or about 3 nights of 8 hours. We recommend syncing your Tempdrop sensor daily.
  • Environmental Requirements

    Ideal operating temperatures are 32-95°F (0-35°C). Extreme heat or cold may damage Tempdrop or its accessories. Keep Tempdrop away from sources of heat and fire. Do not expose your Tempdrop to direct sunlight for prolonged periods
  • Materials

    Tempdrop is made of medical grade plastic and stainless steel
  • Water

    Tempdrop is not a waterproof or water-resistant product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
It should be easy to use, yet, it's not that intuitive

First of all, finally I can sleep and not wake up every day at the same hour. Thank you for that.
Yet, as the temperature history changes over time (I wasn't aware of it in the beginning), it's not comfortable to write it down on a printed table. Therefore, I'm lacking an application for IOS which will help me monitor better the change of temperature over time, such as Ovuview.
In addition, it'll be helpful to describe when will be the best time to put it on and off, I'm still not sure if it's fine to put it half an hour before I'm going to sleep (when I'm afraid I'll fall asleep and won't put it at all), if I can still have it on me at the beginning of the morning (first 10-15 minutes) etc. In addition, it'll be helpful if I can add some notes - when I was ill / had a fever, late/short night, alcohol, etc. This way it'll be easier to monitor better, and I believe the statistics will be much accurate.

works wonderfully

my wife loves it, works very well

6 months in

So far, the device is working very well. Not sure how I use the insurance as it doesn’t seem like anything came with the package. Definitely great for a new mom like myself.


Tempdrop - Confidence

Love it

I am so thankful i was able to order tempdrop! As a nursing mother, not only does it help me take accurate temperatures while getting up multiple times a night, but It also helps me know when I need to take supplements and increase my water intake to keep my milk production up. My milk always takes a hit during luteal phase and without tempdrop, I may not have seen that pattern and might get discouraged and quit nursing. Thanks, tempdrop! Helping me reach my 1 year nursing goal while also TTA!