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Love my Tempdrop!

It is so easy to use, comfortable, and I trust the temperatures. So happy with this purchase.

Tempdrop - Basic

Accurate Temps Even with My Crazy Sleep Habits

I co-sleep and still nurse my toddler, so every night is different. Some nights we both sleep well, and some nights, he’s up multiple times a night. I sometimes sleep in different locations in our house, go to bed later, get up earlier, etc., yet the temps seem accurate. So far the results correspond with the other fertility indicators I track, making me even more confident in their accuracy. Definitely the easiest and most accurate temp tracking device out there!

Love it so far

Just got it about a month ago and it’s so easy. Really glad this is available for post partum. I do wish they were integrated with an iPhone app though.

Tempdrop - Confidence

Tempdrop - Basic

Tempdrop - Confidence

Nursing and temping a breeze

I love this product! I can confidently wake up multiple times during the night to nurse my baby and still get a good temp. My only hope is for more tracking apps to integrate with auto updating the temps. I don't mind updating them everyday meanwhile.

Takes stress out of temping

Love this thing. I am not a super regular sleeper, and often wake up at different times, especially if I'm stressed out. So it was hard to get an accurate reading with a regular thermometer. But with the tempdrop, all I have to do is remember to put it on before I go to bed, and I'm good to go! I put all the temps into a separate fertility charting app, and it produces a beautiful graph, especially after the 1 month algorithm kicked in.

My only slightly negative remark is that I developed a skin rash from the small metal part that you use to adjust the strap. (Not the part that reads my temperature, just the little metal part that the strap is threaded through.) However this is just due to me having metal allergies, and it happens to me with jewelry/watches all the time too. I just had to put a couple coats of clear nail polish on the metal part, and I've been good ever since.

3 months postpartum

I am 3 months postpartum, and my pregnancy and labor were exceptionally rough. So I need a dependable birth control to give my body and mind a chance to heal before having anymore children.

One less thing to think about!

I am not a great sleeper, so the thought of trying to track my BBT gave me a lot of anxiety. I’ve been using the TempDrop for the past few weeks and it’s a breeze! I’m so happy with it that I have been telling all of my friends who I know practice NFP to go get one!

Love it!

I love my TempDrop. It’s really nice not having to wake up at the same time every morning to get a consistent temp. My husband and I will soon start trying to conceive, and I’m thankful I can use Tempdrop during that process and also after when we are trying to prevent. I also really appreciate the Facebook group, which is nice for questions and community support.

No iPhone app?

It’s frustrating that the temps have to be manually inputted into a fertility app when using an iPhone. Also I feel like it would be helpful to have written educational materials on how to use bbt for fertility awareness included with the device. I’ve been using it two months now and I’m still not sure how accurate the algorithm is..

Love it!

So much easier and accurate than a regular thermometer! I have security in this device and feel incredibly happy I made this purchase:)

Temp Drop

Love this product and will recommend it to others!


I am very excited to use Tempdrop, I am switching from another device. I am on cycle 22 now of charting and my 20th chart was from temp drop. Only disappointed with the quality of the band and frame of temp drop... for the cost all of the kinks should be worked out. I hope they continue to fix their frame and band and provide them as needed to customers. Their customer support seems great.

I started to use tempdrop only 10 days ago and I like it so far!

Works perfectly

It works exactly as promised, no doubt. One of my problems with other thermometers, was that I just never remembered to use them. So I also sometimes forget to use the Tempdrop 🙈 other than that it works like a charm.

Really Great!

Works great!

It's nice to have something that accurately measures my temperature, even when I've been up with my baby part of the night!

Makes temp charting a breeze

As a previous mucus-only and now sympto-hormonal NFP user, I'm using temp charting to confirm ovulation. I wouldn't even temp at all if it weren't for the Tempdrop!

Super Easy Temping!

I love my tempdrop and the fact that I don't have to wake up early to temp! It doesn't bother me at all during the night - which was a real concern before getting it. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I've had it less than two months and I can see that the frame that holds it in place is already starting to crack...I believe they've fixed this issue with newer frames, but that wasn't the one I received...

Tempdrop - Basic

Life changing

I’m officially on day 30 today, so far Tempdrop has been amazing and allowed me to get way more sleep. It was easy to travel with so I never missed a step and takes no time to sync in the morning. I highly recommend this!

So happy with it!