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Tempdrop - Basic

Tempdrop - Basic

Spare Armband Frame

Thank you Tempdrop

I really appreciate the design and innovative thinking behind this product. After 46 days, I am still having issues around jumps in temperature that concern me as to whether there is a problem with my body/cycle or a problem with the device.

Working good so far!

No issues, works great!

Works great!

Frame is not durable. Company is wonderful.

The armband itself maybe could be made of more durable material, either by changing the shape (thus removing the weakness point) or using longer lasting material. I prefer longer lasting products because I can't stand waste, particularly plastic waste. The company however has been marvelous (hence the 4 stars).
When my frame broke, I was very impressed with the swiftness the replacement arrived and the company's attentiveness to its customer. I also greatly appreciate the company provides these thermometers, they are a crucial tool for anyone wishing to measure bbt without wishing to sacrifice sleep. Research is increasingly showing us that uninterrupted, sufficient sleep is frighteningly vital!

Spare Armband Frame

Easy to use

I find this much easier than trying to wake up a take my temp. The band is plenty comfortable and I don't even notice it when sleeping. I do wish it could share data with other apps like ovia or ff mobile.

Love it

I really love my tempdrop it makes it so much easier to temp. The only trouble I have is remembering to put it on before going to bed. But it is really great!

Love it!

I have been using the basal body temperature monitoring for years now, as it's the only way I can predict when to expect my period (I have very long and irregular cycles). After having my son, it became almost impossible to check my temperature the old way and so I finally bought this device. I know based on my previous history that the temperatures it measures are accurate and reliable. In fact, I was able to conceive my second child on the first cycle using this.

Works so far

I really like the Tempdrop so far but I've only been using it about a week. The reason this is not a 5-star review is because I think its silly to have to pay more money just to have the luxury of being able to return the extremely expensive thing.

Tempdrop - Basic

Tempdrop is awesome.

I ordered Tempdrop when they were still doing pre-orders. I've been using it since they shipped out the first few waves. It works great and I use it every day.

I recently lost mine and I'm not even miffed about buying another one since I get to support the company. The people who own this company really care about what they're doing.

Easy to use, one less thing to worry about

I used to take my temperature for tracking my BBT with a regular thermometer. I'd wake up every morning at the same time after a solid 9 hours of sleep. But after having my first child who did not know what sleep was, I gave up this method of tracking my cycle. Unfortunately my other ovulation symptoms are not obvious. So when I got pregnant the second and third time they were both quite surprising and because the ovulation date was unknown and my period was an unreliable marker I had no accurate due dates! Do you know how nerve wracking it is to have not a due date but an entire DUE MONTH??? I don't recommend it! Anyway, with the Tempdrop I can now keep better track of a more reliable symptom of ovulation and I don't even need to get a full night's sleep. I am forever grateful for this product and I just wish it was less expensive so all women could keep track of their cycles - whether to achieve or avoid pregnancy or just to know when the heck her baby will be born!

Love the peace of mind!

I love not having to worry about waking up at a certain time, remembering to temp, and being uncertain about the accuracy of my cheap thermometer. Tempdrop is a game changer and I can’t wait until I’ve reached the 60 day window!

Easy to use

Temp drop us easy to use and comfortable to wear. I don't even notice it while I'm sleeping.

Perfekter Service

Man kann sich auf das Team und den Service wirklich verlassen. Es ist nun schon das zweite Mal gewesen, dass diese Plastikhalterung gebrochen ist, aber mir wurde ohne Umstände wieder ein neues zugeschickt. Dieses macht diesmal auch einen robusteren Eindruck. Ich schätze mal, sie wurden überarbeitet.
Jedenfalls bin ich sehr zufrieden.

Love it!

Love my tempdrop, definitely a great purchase.

Tempdrop - Basic

Good product, so far

I haven't been using it for long (a month). But it's so much easier than having to wake up and take your temperature. Couple design flaws, housing that holds the sensor - every time I turn it on it pops out. And the button itself will definitely wear out over time. But those are minimal. Worth the cost in my opinion.


I’ve been charting with an oral bbt for 11 years. This temp drop is incredible, I don’t have to worry about not getting an accurate temperature because I had to nurse the baby overnight or needed to help a toddler or because I woke up too late or too early. I had an easy to identify temp in my first 30 days. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to use.

I haven’t started using it yet. I had just had a baby and I’m waiting to start using it till I’ve started my cycle again :)

Very simlple to use

We've been using it for 40 days. It is very simple tu use, just have to remeber every night. Eventhought, I'd like to suggest something:
- The app should remind to put it on everyday
- There should be a way to mark that one measure is invalid, e.g. due to sickness.
- The app should inform the ovulation and mestruation time (It can be infered throught the temperature readings, but it could be better if it shows it with a green o red icon)

Anyway, we are very satisfied with the product.