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So glad I bought this!

I bought at 4 months post partum to give myself enough time for algorithm to kick in before my first period (for my first kid it didn’t come back until 7 months). I’m glad I did bc 1/2 way through my first 30 days I started my period and in my 2nd cycle using temp drop I was just able to confirm ovulation! I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that with oral temps! This is perfect as my amount of sleep and wake times vary from night to night! So worth it!

Love it!

I’ve really enjoyed using my Tempdrop so far! It’s given me much more consistent temps than oral BBT did and it’s so much easier! I’m already post 31 day algorithm and was amazed at the changes. I can’t wait to see how it goes after 60 days!

Tempdrop - Basic

Tempdrop - Basic

Tempdrop - Basic

Very satisfied with product in the first month:)

Love the ease of this thing!

I’m a mom of a super roust-at-night toddler who loves to wake me up over and over again. We still nurse and I’m on my first full cycle (from period to ovulation and so on) since my baby was born nearly 2 years ago. I have hypothyroidism and it wrecked havoc on my body. Anywhoo; I’m rambling. This has made it so much easier to track my temps.
The only thing I’m not the fondest over is the changing temps and the fact that they may not be fully accurate when you see your temp in the morning. Just yesterday my temp changed a whole .8 degrees from a day prior! So you can’t see the true temp until about 3 days later though usually it’s very close and only a couple points away rather than a full degree or anything crazy. I think my .8 jump was because I wasn’t feeling well and it was adjusting for that. Once you get past the first 30 days it will start to change but it is so worth it. It’s comfortable and doesn’t bother me at all at night and it is extremely user friendly. I wish it would sync to my fertility friend app. Hopefully it does in the future and changes old temps to match with adjusted temps.
Well worth the buy and the payments make it so much easier to afford. Love it.

I love it

Taking my temp every morning had become kind of a burden, Tempdrop has relieved me from it. I can get up when I want/need and sync it when it suits me, it's just great.

My skin is very sensitive and I was afraid that it would get itchy because of Tempdrop, like it has been when I was wearing contraceptive patches. I just see the mark of the device in the morning and after almost 2 months, no itching. However I've decided to change arms each cycle to be safe, even though it's better not to for accuracy.

I contacted support for another concern, they quickly and properly answered it.

One nice/interesting thing would be to see the "raw" data and not just the calculated temp.

1x desert morning band and frame

Frame still holding strong!

Thanks for inventing it!

This is truly a great device to check up your body temperature every day without stress.

Midnight Blue Armband

So far so good!! Accurate temps after just a week of wearing!

So far I have been using tempdrop about 30 days, not sure if it has kicked in yet, but did seem to match with my bbt after just a week of using it. It seems to be very accurate even as the weather has changed the last couple weeks. The only issue I had was sometimes it took a while and was difficult to turn on, but I guess that's a good thing that the power button is not too sensitive while sleeping. So far so good! I'm happy with the purchase and it's very comfortable to wear at night. My main concern was radiation but as I did some research it shouldn't affect me overnight as it doesn't activate Bluetooth untill you do so.

Love the color!

Tempdrop is the bomb!

I had my eyes on Tempdrop for a while now and I am so glad I took the plunge! I’m using it to TTC and then will be using it to track my fertility PP. Being a Midwife and having erratic sleep patterns, Tempdrop is amazing at getting an accurate temp during the night/day when I finally get to sleep!

Love my new armband!

Perfect swap out for the one that comes with Tempdrop! I love the look of the desert morning armband.

pretty and functional

holds the temp drop in place perfectly and looks nice as well

Best purchase ever!

I bought tempdrop to follow my cycles and have a better knowledge of them. It works great and is so simple to use. So far I only have good things to say.

Love it! So much easier than BBT!

I've had my TD for about 2 months and I love it. I compared to my manual BBT for 2 cycles now and they both show the same O day. TD is really easy to use and worth the price since I am a poor sleeper and hated getting up early on weekends to temp. I don't mind the arm band at all and am very used to it now. My temp chart looks much more consistent now.

Tempdrop - Confidence

As promissed

Using it for 2 months now alongside a thermometer. Love it, because the temperature is less erratic compared to the thermometer and I can finally read it properly. Stopen using thermometer 2 nights ago :)
Want to take charge of your body? Try this!!

Finally taking my temp!

Thank you, TempDrop! I have been trying -- and failing -- to take my temperature every morning for 3 years...until now! I have worn my Temp Drop every night except 2 over the past month, and am feeling victorious.

I really love my tempdrop! I love how I don't have to set an alarm for taking my temperature in the morning. Especially since I still nurse my baby through the night.

Everything I thought it would be!

I ordered Tempdrop postpartum as I was having difficulty regularly taking my temp at the same time each morning and getting accurate readings when I did due to waking throughout the night. I started using Tempdrop at 7 months postpartum and was able to catch my first temp shift even before the algorithm kicked in and was re-confirmed once the algorithm was fully in effect! This has been a total game changer in charting and I haven’t missed a temp yet. It’s awesome!

Tempdrop - Basic

Pregnant after one cycle!

I'm an insomniac that gets only a few hours of broken up sleep a night, so it was near impossible to track my temp until I got tempdrop.

I also never would have realized I ovulated a few days later than usual this month, but even without the algorithm I saw a clear shift... And ended up pregnant!

The only issue with it is that the plastic holder sometimes pinches and the button to sync/turn it on started peeling within a couple weeks (it is only cosmetic, so it didn't affect the process).